Plastic vests and PVC pipes. How I spent last Sunday…

Here’s a story for you… Last weekend a few of us went to volunteer for a Will Graham celebration. Last week, I was dragging my feet signing up for one day of volunteering.… Continue reading

Feeling Human and Hating It

  What does that even mean-feeling “human”? It’s not that I don’t feel human most of the time because I do. I just feel extra human right now. It’s been awhile since I’ve… Continue reading

Change in Plans

Well, there has been another change of plans. I’ve decided, after quite a bit of thinking and praying, that I will stay in Japan until the end of March 2014. It was a… Continue reading

Why Am I Still Here?

    You and I, we share the same question, I think. Why am I still here; why am I still in Japan? I’d like to share with you what I’ve come up… Continue reading

Giraffes: A title that has nothing to do with the content hereafter.

Do people inspire you? I can think of a few people in my life who have impacted me, and who have set me searching for adventures. People who saw me, didn’t give up… Continue reading

no words.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. Here are a few pictures that represent part of my life this year. Wonderful friends, beautiful children, amazing creation, captured moments of happiness.

Tree Rings

Often I find myself thinking about trees and how trees seem similar to people. I mostly want to focus on growth… Lately, I’ve been thinking of my life as similar to a tree,… Continue reading


I cannot wait until I don’t have to deal with “this” anymore. How often do we say such things when we are on the brink of leaving a job, a location or a… Continue reading

In Okinawa, I….

Summer vacation is officially over, and tomorrow starts the second to last season that I will spend in Japan. I spent half of my vacation in Okinawa, Japan which is a series of… Continue reading

Thoughts On Proximity(the presence or the lack of it.)

As defined by prox·im·i·ty [prok-sim-i-tee] noun nearness in place, time, order, occurrence, or relation. One of my friends once said that proximity, or the lack there of, often changes relationships. At the time, he was speaking of dating relationships, but I’ve… Continue reading